Best Way to Add a Stunning Photo Gallery to Your Website

The best way to attract visitors and retain those visitors within your website is to make an attractive website with a clean layout, great content, and most importantly photos. Human beings are visual creatures. Visual images appeal to them the most.

Your potential visitor might not have all the time to read your content line by line, but if you can attract them with photos, images and videos then you can convey your important message more clearly.

Images definitely speak louder than words. Photos organized in an album or gallery format with slide show and categorize functions can make your visitor more interested in viewing them. They can capture your visitor’s attention faster and let them recall your site to visit again and again.

Internet provides remarkable utilities to enhance the design of your website. With just a little effort, you can find several tools to help you with adding photos to your own website. These tools including online photo services and software applications which you can use to create, embed and manage a web based photo album.

Photo album software are not only limited to photo gallery makers. Many of them provide functions for you to conveniently categorize your images and add keywords and descriptions, with easy viewing options such as zooming, rotating, and autorun slide show function.

The advantage of using online photo services is that you can upload your photographs with ease as well as manage them without installing any software on your own desktop. However, the main disadvantage is that you cannot have total privacy with your photographs once uploaded. A few websites allow privacy settings to some extent and offer security with your photographs. Since the same doesn’t hold true for all these websites, you should search and use only sites that ensure complete privacy and safety for users’ photos. Another disadvantage is the speed of online photo service, users could have problems with accessing the photographs, especially during peak hour when many people are accessing the site simultaneously.

Many web hosting companies also provide a photo album system as part of their server control panel. The server based photo album system allows you to easily upload your photos onto your own hosting account, and also gives you the freedom to create your own photo gallery using pre-designed templates. Moreover, by using such web hosting packages, you can be assured of privacy of your photos to a great extent. The main disadvantage of using the package provided by a web hosting company is the fact that it is a bundled service. You cannot use their services once you change or switch web hosting companies.

One of the best ways, or the most flexible way to create and maintain a photo album for your website is by using your own flash photo gallery software. A standalone photo gallery software can be installed directly on your own PC, runs fast without any potential connection backlog, and is easy to use with straightforward publishing options.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create and manage your own photo album. Photo gallery software are generally easy to use, even novices can use it to create a professional looking photo album for website without any programming skill. You can use photo gallery software to manage photographs both online as well as offline. Lastly, the photo gallery software provides complete privacy with your photographs as they are stored on your own PC, and can be published to any web server of your choice.

Create A Majestic Joomla Photo Gallery With Mac Effect for Your Website

Most of the online business tyros use the most popular Joomla CMS to develop a simple website/complex portal for their business. Joomla’s secured and friendly back-end administration system helps any beginner sans technical knowledge to conjure an impressive website fitting their requirements. The boundless Joomla extensions offered by Joomla are significant in customizing the website making the site more interactive. Let us discuss how.

Any business that manifests its services/products online would choose to share visual information about their products which will definitely attract more customers and inflate the business profit. If you are a photo blogger or you run a hotel website (people prefer to see the photos of your hotel/services before they opt to book a room), the requirement for an image gallery plug-in is evident. A program/tool that would help to emulate a stack of photos on the website is the only effective solution. You need not run out of coding, designing or any authoring program to achieve this. A wide range of extensions are available over internet serving this purpose, like Photo Gallery extension for Joomla powered website.

A concise solution to display countless images or a photo album in your Joomla website with complete flexibility to customize is to use the readily available Joomla image gallery extension. An elegant photo gallery delegate power to your website by making it rich in user-interactivity. Maintaining an image gallery for the site is a brilliant way to keep the user active and re-visit your site. A best Joomla photo gallery comes with exclusive features such as Mac Dock Effect will give the gallery an elite style.

Mac Dock Effect and Its Advantage

The galleries will exhibit Mac Dock effect when the mouse is rolled over the images in a specific group. By clicking the thumbnail for a particular image, the image blows up in a pop-up window overlaying and without navigating from the current page. The thumbnail appears with the description and the title for each image is viewed through a tool-tip when you hover the mouse on the thumbnail. This Mac effect gives a stylish and graceful look to your website.

A Joomla image gallery extension extends its functionality by more apparent features such as giving titles and description for each image, slide creation for each group etc. The group appears on the side bar of the gallery extension with navigation controls. Each album ships with the details updating number of images and date of creation. The plug-in supports uploading images of various formats such as .jpg,.gif etc. It allows creating multiple galleries per pages thus efficient in managing bunch of pictures in an orderly way. The Joomla photo gallery option for uploading n number of photos and organizing them in an intuitive way is the most wonderful advantage.

If you want to own a strikingly beautiful website that displays many photos or an adorable image sharing site in Joomla platform, benefit it from the readily available Joomla image gallery extension.