Use Flash Photo Gallery to Showcase Your Image Works Online

If you are a photographer or artist with many digital photo and image files for displaying to your potential clients online, a website photo album is the best way for you showcases your talents and sell your art.

There are many online photo album and portfolio services that allow you to upload your digital photos, and create your online image gallery or photographer showcase. Many of these sites offering their service for free, as they generate their revenue from banner advertising or sponsorship.

Many People use these services because they don’t need to bother with paying for a domain name, or buying hosting space. Fiddling with photo gallery software might sound difficult for non-programmers. Also many people don’t have the time to learn, hence these free online photo portfolio and album services seems to offer easy solutions.

However, there are few problems with this approach. Although the photos are yours, the website is not, which means that your online photo portfolio’s availability is depending on the website and the service provider. And when you want to switch to another hosting company, you would have to manually backup all the images from your existing online image portfolio, or all your work will be lost. Many online photo album website also state in their terms and conditions, that they will have ownership of the photos once they are uploaded to their server. Which means you might lose the ownership and copyright of your photos as soon as your photos are uploaded, and they might be sold or distributed without your awareness.

If you are serious about your online photo image portfolio, it would be best for you to have your own domain name and hosting, build your own website, and use a photo gallery software to establish your very own photographic image portfolio. This way all images are kept on your own PC, you can upload the portfolio to any server of your choice, and you can avoid any potential copyright issues.

You might have question about how to add an online photo gallery to website. Gone are the days when you had to learn html and php coding just to add an online photo album to your website. Now you can upload and create your own photo gallery easily using available photo gallery software tools, you can even make your entire website a photographic image portfolio, with multiple flash photo galleries.

Store the photo albums on your own web server means that you are not depending on another company to keep them online for you, and they are much safer as well. You keep the full ownership and copyright of the images. People can no longer easily download your photos using their browser, because flash gallery automatically disable the mouse right-click button. Your pictures are safely stored on your own host and you can update and upload new images anytime from your own PC.

There are various photo gallery templates available to use, with different skins designs and features such as thumbnail, scrollable photo description and slideshow function. Presenting your online portfolio or exhibition in a fancy, sophisticated and professional way is all about making you stand out from the crowd. A photo gallery software with suitable templates will allow you do that just that with no effort or time involved at all in doing so. You will be able to create and upload your own web photo gallery to your own hosting a/c with just a few clicks. You can add an unlimited number of images and photos in each album, so if you have photos on various topics such as holiday, wedding, professionally portraits, etc, you can create multiple photo album and add your photos to them very easily and fast.

Advantages of Online Photo Galleries

Everyone likes taking pictures and photography is a hobby for some people. Today, photo sessions have become mandatory for every occasion, including wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, or just an outing. Accordingly, it is essential to keep those pictures for cherishing the memories. So, where do you store them? You have online photo galleries to store your pictures on the web.

Today, the internet provides many websites, which can offer you these online photo galleries. These galleries come with many advantages. So, let us check the five uses of online photo galleries here.

Easy Sharing: You might have several pictures lying in your drawer. You can pick them up, scan them, and easily upload them to photo galleries on the web. This way, you can share any picture with your friends across the world.

Displaying Photographic Skills: Many people consider photography a hobby; furthermore, it is a profession for some people. The web photo gallery is a good platform for amateur photographers to showcase their skills to global audience. Some of the online photography contests ask you to upload your pictures through some photo sharing websites. You can do this through these picture galleries. You just have to upload your pictures and send the related links to the contest.

Save Money: You can save your money by uploading pictures to these galleries. Whenever you click pictures, you definitely need albums and for this you need to spend your money. Nevertheless, with web photo galleries it is possible to upload your pictures directly and make online albums. In addition, you can name your albums, write your captions, and tag them.

Ample Space: Most of the online galleries offer you ample free space to store your pictures. Moreover, they are very inexpensive. Therefore, you can clear off all the old and new pictures in your home.

Cherish your Memories: Often, it is disappointing to dump the torn childhood pictures in trash. You certainly cannot get back the torn bits, but you can safeguard the existing ones by uploading them to online photo galleries. You can never get back your childhood, but storing your snaps online can definitely treasure your sweet old memories.

Storing your pictures online does not take much time or effort. Moreover, galleries on the web come with many positive aspects. All it takes is a couple of minutes to sign up and load your pictures. Saving pictures in online photo galleries is the best way of cherishing your special moments.

Choosing the Best Online Photo Galleries

Like anyone who takes a lot of pictures, you have probably wondered how to best share them with friends and family. Fortunately, the Internet has made sharing photos online easier than ever. If you’re looking for a quality online photo galleries, there are many options to choose from. You just need to decide which ones fit your needs at the price you want.

If that price happens to be zero, you’re in luck. There are many free online photo gallery options available. These allow you to upload a certain number of your photos, and display them online for free. If you’re not taking too many photos, and you don’t need many special features, these online photo gallery options can be a good choice.

However, if you desire more storage or more features than a free gallery can offer you, you may have to consider paying for a premium gallery option. However, these premium gallery options still be quite affordable while providing a wide array of useful features. One of the most common features of pay galleries is unlimited storage. This is great since it allows you to backup your photos online quickly and easily. If you’ve been using digital photos for a while, you realize how valuable this online storage feature is. You can’t rely on digital photos unless you have backups.

These premium galleries also offer other features. Common features include online printing, privacy options for galleries, the ability to sell photos, and many more. Premium galleries are almost always more customizable than the free options, so if this is important to you, consider spending a little extra for one of these.

Most of the paid online photo galleries have several tiers of service. Each tier offers you a slightly different levels of service. For many people, the cheapest option usually gets you unlimited storage, and is good enough. However, if you demand such high and features as the ability to store HD video, you might have to pay a little extra. Whether or not this is worth it is up to you.

Once you have your own online photo gallery, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The ability to store, upload, and display your digital photos for all the world to see is a very useful thing. Look into some of the available options, and find one that works for you.