The Samsung Galaxy R – An Overview Of The Photo Gallery And Audio Player Incorporated On This Model

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the biggest selling handset of 2011. Consumers were drawn to the excellent high quality display and the fast dual core processing power that the handset offered. The one negative aspect of this model however that it was not the most wallet friendly device with the phone retailing for a similar figure as the iPhone 4S. With this in mind Samsung have released the Galaxy R, a model that boasts some great features but at a more competitive price. We take a look at the photo gallery and music playback features that this model offers.

The Samsung Galaxy R comes supplied with the basic Android photograph gallery that is fitted on most recent Android devices. This gallery automatically finds all photo and video files that are stored on your phone regardless of their location. A clever feature also lets the handset link to a Picassa account and display any photos that you have uploaded. When viewing photographs all images are displayed in their full resolution meaning that you can view every detail that you have captured. If you want to zoom in on a particular area of the photography then a simple double tap on the screen will perform the task or you can opt to use the pinch to zoom method. The Galaxy R gives users some basic editing options from within the gallery so you can alter the appearance of your images. Crop and Rotate functions are both present in addition to some more advanced facilities that enable you to apply a variety of different effects. Numerous sharing options are available including the facility to send you files via Bluetooth or Email. The handset also supports DNLA which means that images can be viewed on another compatible device that is connected to your home network.

Thanks to the large storage capacity present on modern handsets many users are using their devices as portable audio players and the Samsung Galaxy R is one of the very best in this area. The phone makes use of the music player that has been developed as part of the TouchWiz user interface. This facility gives users plenty of control over how their music sounds thanks to a variety of preset sound settings as well as the option to add your own customised setting. The player users DNSe technology to enhance the sound and help the Galaxy R produce audio that you would not expect from a device as small as a mobile phone. When browsing through your music there are four different categories to help you find the song or album that you require. These categories are Playlists, Albums and Artists while there is also a selection that lets you view your entire collection of tracks in alphabetical order. Full album artwork is supported by the phone and this is displayed while you are listening to a track. If you prefer you have the option to replace this artwork with an equalizer to enable you to make quick adjustments to how your music sounds.

The Samsung Galaxy R is a great mobile phone that will appeal to consumers who want great value for money and some excellent features. The device offers an excellent photo gallery that makes viewing images a simple affair while the music player is also easy to use and gives you full control over how your music sounds.

Browse Online Free Horse Race Photos on 3D Virtual Game Websites

Want to catch some candid shots of your favorite race horses? Horse fans can view some of the most spectacular moments from the history of horse racing in the online photo gallery of virtual race game websites. You can reverse the clock and look back in time if you have missed a prestigious racing event of international caliber such as the Dubai World Cup.

There have been many great champion colts and fillies in the thoroughbred history but a few names such as the Secretariat, Seabiscuit, War Admiral, Zenyatta and Rags to Riches will always hold a special place in the hearts of all horse lovers. Besides photos of these legendary heroes, you will also find free horse racing videos, free race screen savers and free race wallpapers on virtual horse race gaming portals.

On online 3D simulated race games, horse fans get a chance to catch not only some of the world’s best race in action from across international racing circuits but also a glimpse of some of the most excellent specimens of thoroughbred race horses. You can see photographs of famous horses along with their respective jockeys and trainers or even pictures of horses in their natural habitats.

Ardent horse fans will find a comprehensive array of breath-taking racing photos covering historical equestrian events over the last few decades such as the 2008 Kentucky Derby, displayed in the online racing photo gallery. Most of these free race photos have been taken by some of the world’s most universally acclaimed photographers.

These renowned photographers have managed to capture on camera, some truly spectacular moments from different disciplines including dressage, cross country, hunting, show jumping and polo to name just a few. Besides amazing free race photos of top notch horses at some of the world’s richest events; you can also catch these magnificent animals in all their glory, lounging around at riding stables or attending shows.

In addition to free horse race photos, many online horse photo galleries also feature biographies of extraordinary race horses, latest racing news and betting tips. For the convenience of the site visitors and horse fans, usually the horses in the photo gallery are featured in alphabetical order. Novice as well as experienced fans can learn the basics of this noble sport with the help of free race photos and horse race videos available on online horse race game websites.

Create a Website With Your Photos!

The internet has made the world smaller. It has become easier to communicate, be in touch and keep in touch with people around the world. In short, the internet has made the world we live in into a global village, where everything we want is ready at the click of a mouse or a touch of a keyboard. Innovations abound and improvements are made almost on a daily basis.

With the internet came websites. Companies big and small have them. Buying a domain, making a website and maintaining the website has become easier too, thanks to the advent of software and better technology. Websites are not limited to companies, businesses and organizations. People like you and me can have a website too. Even if you have minimal knowledge in applications like HTML and CSS, there are tools available which enable people who are “technically challenged” to create their very own nook in the web.

One of the easiest ways of making your own website is through programs that area web gallery generators. In other words it makes a website out of photographs. There are of course websites like MySpace and Facebook which are social networking sites that enable users to personalize their very own space and make it their very own. However, unlike these social networking websites where only members can view and access your photographs, these programs and software take it even further by making you totally in control of your photo gallery. Sure, MySpace and Facebook and other web 2.0 companies offer easy to make web based websites but these companies also control your input, photo sharing opportunities and other services. When these companies go off line or out of business, your data can be lost. This is the price to pay for the free services these companies offer.

The service offered by these companies and websites is not limited to photographs. Other options like sound and audio are available. Clients and users can do voice overs or narration or opt to put in sound effects in their websites. Video and text captions can also be added and uploaded. Another option is to arrange photos in a slide show for easier viewing purpose. A very cool function is geo-tagging where users are allowed mark photo locations on Google Maps.

And because the client has total control over their websites, they can be customized via a custom HTML editor where widgets and other tabs and themes can be added to the site. If all of these seem overwhelming especially to first time users and to those with little or no background in web design, there is a custom editor where ready made themes are easily uploaded with minimal effort on the user’s part. Links for the header and footer can also be changed as well as navigation bar options.

Clients can also make money from their gallery. Google AdSense and other sponsored searches can be displayed. If clients want to sell their pictures, PayPal and a buy button can be integrated as well.

With services from companies like these, it is now easier to be in control and stay in control. If you are tired of people making money out of your pictures, then look no further. With this kind of technology, you can make money by creating your own photo website, be protected and stay in control of your photos and pictures.