Making Some Extra Money With Your Digital Photos

Are you an amateur photographer? Do you enjoy taking digital photos? Do you have good quality digital photos to share with others? You can do that and also make some extra money from it. This article will show you how you can enjoy sharing your photography work and also get some cash at the same time.

This article is not about turning you into a professional photographer or about making your digital photos your main source of income. It will show you how you can share your digital photos with others and also make some extra cash at the same time. This money should be considered as extra income – usually a good source of cash to invest back into your digital photography hobby – maybe to buy a new camera, lenses, batteries or anything else that you need.

Photo stock websites: Photo stock websites are becoming more and more popular. Photo stock sites provide a market place for photographers to show off their work while others can view that work and buy it for a price usually set by the photographers. Some photo stock websites allow you to define the exact rights that you grant to the buyer so you can better protect your work. When users buy your digital photos you get a commission out of that money. There are many flavors of photo stock websites examples of two are: and

Your own photo gallery site: Putting a website together is relatively easy using some free commercial tools. For example you can easily set a photo album web site using tools from Yahoo. On your website you can allow users to browse and download full resolution digital photos for free or you can sell the high resolution versions of the digital photos. Implementing a shopping cart and collecting money is easily done using checkout tools from companies like PayPal, Yahoo and Google. Another option is to make money by placing advertisement on your site for example by using Google Adsense. Advertisement however will only generate noticeable revenues if you can attract a high number of visitors to your site. If your digital photos are unique and interesting you might be able to do just that. Another option is to create a dedicated Blog website – or to add a Blog to your digital photos website. You can easily do that with tools such as Blogger and Typepad. In the Blog you can present your digital photos and also write some interesting descriptions of how you took them, what is unique about them and anything else that might trigger the visitors’ interest. Tell your friends and family about your site and post information about it in forums and chat boards.

Work for hire: This is a more conservative and traditional option. You can offer your photography services by posting ads in local classifieds website or newspaper. If you have your own site you can also offer your services through that site or add a link to the site on your ads to allow potential customers to view your work. Make sure that you are candid and up front with your potential customers about what you do, your work and your experience. They should understand that you are an amateur photographer and view your work to decide if you are a good fit for their needs. To get a sense of how much to charge contact other local photographers and get quotes for their services. If you have never done photography for hire before it is a good advice to start with jobs that are not very important to the clients and that can be done again if the results are not satisfactory. For example shooting digital photos of a wedding is probably not a good idea to start with. Taking digital photos of someone’s car is a better option.

Coffee shops and galleries: It became trendy for coffee shops to hang local photographers or artists work on their walls. This is a win-win offering for them – they get free decoration for the shop and also allow customer to buy work that they like. The coffee shop gets a commission of each sale. Although this option requires more work and upfront financial investment it can be a lot of fun and a good way to connect with the local community. Walk around and find a few coffee shops or galleries that you would like to have your work at. Print and frame a few of your best photos and go back to those shops. Show your work and convince them to showcase it. It is best to start with just a few prints to minimize the risk.

These were just a few options to make some cash from your digital photos. There are other options and with some creativity you can find your own original ones. One thing to remember though is to make sure that you have the rights to sell your photos and that you are legally covered when showcasing them, selling them or working for hire taking photos for others. For example copyright laws change from state to state and country to country and you should make sure you have the rights for your digital photos.

Build a Photo Gallery You Can Be Proud of Using an Online Image Resizer

Having an online photo gallery is essential for any professional photographer. Generally we have a huge collection of photographs taken with our favourite digital camera. An online image gallery helps a great deal to show your talent as well as to organize photographs so that you can quickly find and access them whenever you need to.

It is essential to retouch digital photographs before you add them to a photo gallery. You should adjust various photograph elements such as its brightness, contrast, color depth, width and height. One of the important factors is to properly resize the photographs before you upload them to your image gallery. You can use free online image resizing tool instead of a photo editing software to resize photographs quickly and easily.

If you have an online picture gallery then it helps you in many ways as said earlier. It gives you a chance to meet new and interesting buyers for your digital photographs and sell them online. Many websites like offer free online photo gallery services. They allow you to upload your digital photograph collection to the website and create wonderful photo galleries using beautiful free gallery templates. You can sign up and try the free membership with a few limitations such as picture size, lack of gallery templates etc. You don’t have to upgrade for premium membership unless you really need to. Premium members can get additional benefits such as uploading big size pictures, support for unlimited photo galleries etc.

Not taking care of photograph aspect ratio while resizing photographs will reduce its quality. It will make the photo look blurred. You should go with current sizes provided by online photo resizing tools. You won’t have to worry about the size and calculations of perfect picture size if you go with presets. You can use a free online picture resizer to properly resize the pictures like Reshade.

If you travel around the world with your digital camera and laptop then it is always better to use an online image resizing service than software. It does not take any hard disk space as it is an online service. Most importantly it costs you nothing.

Usually it is not recommended to enlarge photographs taken with a mobile phone or iPhone camera as they have relatively low picture quality and picture size. If you still want to enlarge this kind of photographs then you should use an online image resizing tool that maintains quality.

You need not be a photo expert if you need to resize pictures online. With few quick steps you can resize pictures to desired size and upload them to your photo gallery.

To easily resize pictures online, you might be interested in trying online picture resizing service available on You can upload and resize pictures maintaining quality with resolution greater than or equal to 1920×1200 pixels. For bigger size and unlimited zoom, you can buy credits from the website.

The use of digital camera has developed into a trend that does not end with the acquisition of the gadget. This trend also leads to other worth doing activities such as photo enhancing, photo sharing, and other uses of the photos as keepsakes. Photo enhancements such as enlargement and resizing can be done by using a simple computer-based photo application or by using the more advanced online image resizing tools that are available for free.

Online Photo Album – Why Should You Get Your Own Online Photo Gallery

With normal film photography now fading away digital photography is now taking over. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are now using digital cameras. Digital cameras are now readily available and getting smaller. Now almost every cellphone has a camera on it. Even pens and other weird everyday items are being fitted with small digital cameras.

Just look around you right now you probably have something with a digital camera within reach. It maybe your cellphone or even your web cam, the point is you almost always have something that captures digital photographs close to you at most times of the day. Who knows very soon they might produce a bed with a digital camera so you can take yourself pictures while you sleep or even a spoon with a digital camera so you can take pictures of the inside of your mouth when you eat.

Why on earth you would want to take yourself pictures in the last two mentioned situations beats me, but hey we all know that if it is remotely possible someone is bound to produce such a gizmo.

All jokes aside though, I am in love with my digital camera and whenever I go on vacation or some place fun I always take my digital camera with me. Sometimes I even carry two digital cameras with me, don’t ask me why on earth I do that. Just know that I do and let’s leave it at that. Yes I know I am crazy sometimes but let’s leave it at that, ok.

The benefits of using a digital camera over the normal olden day cameras are many. The main one being you dont have to carry bags and bags of film inorder to take hundreds of photographs like the digital camera allows you to do. With a digital camera you just insert your digital memory card and you are set. Your digital memory card is also reusable, you just delete the pictures stored on it and take more in their place.

There are also other advantages with using a digital camera over using the traditional film camera. You can immediately look at any pictures you take on the little screen found on most digital cameras. If you do not like the photograph you can immediately delete it and take another one. Most digital cameras now come with digital zoom which allows you to zoom into your subject as much as X 10 or even more. This allows you to take the pictures of what you really want to capture as close as your zoom will allow you to get.

Yet another advantage of using a digital camera is that you do not have to wait for your pictures to be developed. You never have to wait even for the minimum time it takes to develop films now, which I think is presently one hour.With a digital camera you just simply plug it in to your computer and click a few buttons and all your photographs are transferred to your computer.

Recent advances in technology now allow you to even connect your digital camera directly to your printer and have them immediately printed onto glossy picture paper that makes the photograph look like the photographs you would have developed at your local Walmart. You can immediately share these photographs with friends and family. You can even give everyone their own copies of their favourite photographs.

How about if you do not have a printer? How can you share your digital photographs that you downloaded onto your computer with friends and family? Well, you could transfer the photographs to either a CD or USB jump drive. The person you are sharing the pictures with can then take that with them and download the pictures onto their own computer or have them printed at a local photo store.

However, there’s an easier way to share your photos especially if you are connected to the internet. It involves using a picture sharing service to store your photographs. How does it work? It’s pretty easy if you ask me. All you have to do is register for an account, which in most cases is free. Once you have your account all you have to do is login, create an album and upload your pictures from your computer to your picture sharing account, using the tools provided in your account control panel.

It looks simple, doesn’t it? Well that’s because it really is. Once you have your photos uploaded online you can share them with family and friends by simply sending an email. Yet again, you can do all this from the control panel.

There you have it! Have fun with your digital camera .